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Top 5 Best Rolling Filing Cabinets (Buying Guide & Review)


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While much of the world is digitized, many paper documents still require storage in a traditional filing cabinet. Such documents may include health records, birth certificates, tax records, warranties, deeds to real estate, original diplomas, insurance policies, contracts, and other traditional paper documents. If you are searching for an effective way to organize these paper documents, you may consider purchasing a rolling filing cabinet.

Today’s filing cabinets are available in various sizes, materials, designs, colors, and price ranges. Rolling filing cabinets with casters can make it easy to move the cabinet quickly and without much physical effort. This is especially important if you want the flexibility to keep your documents within reach at some times, then tuck them out of the way at other times.

It can be hard to choose the right rolling filing cabinet online, given the many options. To help you make the best decision, we have reviewed the top 5 best rolling filing cabinets. We have also included a buying guide to help you understand some of the key factors to consider when choosing the best file cabinets with wheels. Read on to make a wise buying decision.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Rolling File Cabinet

Before buying a filing cabinet with wheels, several factors to consider. These include:

Size and Number of Drawers

When choosing a rolling filing cabinet, it is essential to consider getting one large enough to accommodate all your documents. To determine the right size and number of drawers, you will need to evaluate what you will be storing. Take provision for future increases in the number of documents. Even if you have gotten into the habit of digitizing some of your documents, you may want to use filing cabinet space to store other office items, such as some of your electronic equipment, backup drives, cables, special cameras, etc. 

Construction Material

Another key factor to consider is the construction of your rolling filing cabinet. Filing cabinets are made of different materials such as wood, metal and more flexible materials such as cloth. Consider the sturdiness that you will need. You don’t want to choose a flimsily-made cabinet that will break down after a few months.

Locking Feature

Most of the documents stored in a cabinet are usually sensitive, such as healthcare or financial records. A cabinet with a suitable locking mechanism is essential. An important factor to consider is whether one or more drawers lock. Cabinets may differ in this regard. We understand how many drawers lock versus how many don’t lock. Especially when ordering a large filing cabinet online, you want to avoid accepting a delivery, only to learn that the cabinet doesn’t have enough locking drawers to suit your needs. Returning cabinets can be challenging logistically, even if the store accepts the return.


In addition to the security issues for sensitive documents such as healthcare and financial documents, if you keep difficult-to-replace documents such as birth certificates, title deeds, and security cards in your cabinet, it is advisable to ensure that the cabinet is fireproof. A fireproof safe will protect your documents from fire and water damage.

Hanging File Folder

Consider if the cabinet has drawers that can accommodate hanging file folders. This can go a long way in keeping your documents organized.


Unlike the past when file cabinets only came in the gray color, they are available in various vibrant hues today. If you want the file cabinet to be a statement piece, go with a bright orange, blue, or yellow.

Top 5 Best Filing Cabinets with Wheels

Comparison Table

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock,Wood43.9 pounds25.7 x 16.1 x 15.7 inches
INTERGREAT 3 Drawer File Cabinet with LockSteel220 pounds15.7″D x 19.8″W x 25″H
YITAHOME 3-Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet Office Drawers with KeysAlloy steel37.48 pounds12″D x 18″W x 24″H
Bonnlo rolling cabinetAlloy steel46.2 pounds15.7″L x 19.9″W x 23.8″H
CuHome 2-Drawer Mobile Filing CabinetAlloy steel34.2 pounds19.68″D x 14.76″W x 21.45″H

Here are the Reviews in Detail:

DEVAISE 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock – Best Wooden File Cabinet With Wheels

If you need a compact wooden rolling file cabinet that comes preassembled, you may want to consider the Devaise 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock. The only things you will need to assemble with this unit are the handles and the small wheels at the bottom.

The unit has three drawers that are secured with a single lock. It has a compact size that enables it to fit in the open space under your desk. The cabinet comes with five casters (two at the front, two at the back, and one at the center) to ensure that it doesn’t tip.


  • Small and compact
  • Comes preassembled
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • Easy to clean
  • Water and Scratch-resistant


  • Made of scratch-resistant wood, making it is sturdy and durable.

If you need a storage space under your desk, you should choose the Devaise 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet with Lock.

INTERGREAT 3 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock – Most Stylish Rolling Filing Cabinet

The INTERGREAT 3 Drawer File Cabinet with Lock features a modern and sleek design that adds a beautiful addition to your office space. The unit has all-metal construction, providing a heavy and sturdy built quality. It comes with casters made to move on most surfaces and will work well on hardwood floors, wall-to-wall carpeting, and more.
The unit features two utility drawers. The top drawer has a pencil tray to keep your small items organized. The bottom drawer is deep and has an adjustable hanger to hold A4 folders, letters, and other essential documents.
The drawers operate smoothly and are full extension providing you with reasonable access to everything you need at the back of the drawer. It has a ball bearing that makes it easy to open.


  • Sturdily-made
  • It rolls smoothly and easily
  • Sleek design
  • Smooth finish
  • Wide range of colors
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • Plastic key housing is a bit flimsy

This cabinet is very spacious and can hold up to 330 pounds. It comes in a wide range of colors enabling you to add flair to your space. It comes preassembled, and all you need to do is assemble the wheels. Overall, this is one of the best filing cabinets for home offices.

YITAHOME 3-Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet Office Drawers with Keys – Slimmest Rolling Filing Cabinet

If you need a slim filing cabinet with a great look that holds a good number of files, you should go for the YITAHOME 3-Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet Office Drawers with Keys. The cabinet features three drawers and a removable pencil tray at the top drawer. The bottom drawer is a hanging file bar to accommodate A4 size documents. Despite its small footprint, it has ample storage space.
The unit features five casters, four of which are swivel casters, while the fifth is a central one that helps prevent tipping. The 360° swivel casters enable the cabinet to move in any direction without much effort. The cabinet has a built-in sliding rail that makes it easy to open and close the drawer with minimal effort and noise.


  • Relatively spacious
  • 360° swivel wheels
  • Opens smoothly
  • Sturdily-made
  • Clean and sleek look


  • Wheels don’t roll very well on carpet
  • It has no handles, making it awkward to open

Bonnlo Rolling Cabinet

The Bonnlo Rolling Cabinet is a strong, sturdy, and spacious unit with three sturdy drawers. The compact cabinet has four 360° swivel casters that enhance mobility. It has a central caster that prevents tipping. The casters have locks that prevent the cabinet from rolling on wooden floors.
The unit’s drawers are fully extendable and have a built-in sliding rail that enables the smooth opening of the drawers. The drawers open fully, providing you with quick access to your items. You can lock or open all four drawers with a single key. The bottom drawer can accommodate A4 file folders.


  • Ample storage space
  • Compact enough to fit under a standard desk
  • Heavy-duty casters
  • Smooth edges make it safe
  • Comes fully assembled


  • It doesn’t roll well on carpet

The Bonnlo Rolling Cabinet is a great under desk storage cabinet. It has smooth corners that make it safe for kids and provide it with a sleek look. The cabinet is designed for personal use and offers lots of storage space with a small footprint.

CuHome 2-Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet

If you need a filing cabinet with casters to save space, you should consider CuHome 2-Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet. It features two drawers-a file drawer and a box drawer. You can keep your office supplies in the top drawer and use the file drawer to keep legal-size folders and letters. Both drawers can be securely locked, ens ring that your files and personal belongings are safe.

The unit is made of steel, making it sturdy and durable. It features four 360° wheels with brakes, enhancing mobility and preventing unnecessary sliding.


  • Sturdily-made
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Compact design
  • Available in three colors


  • Not spacious

The cabinet comes in three colors, making it easy to match the décor of your office. Overall, this is an excellent cabinet with wheels for the home office.


There is no better way to stay organized in your home office than with the use of cabinets. But to enhance the functionality of the nits, it’s essential to choose one with wheels. If you are searching for the best filing cabinet with wheels, you should consider one of the above options. With these cabinets, you can move the unit around with little effort.

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