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Online Adderall Prescriptions – Taking Action Against Substance Abuse


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Walmart and CVS Health are delaying or stopping filling prescriptions for controlled medications such as online Adderall prescriptions. The blocked telemedicine prescriptions had been written by practitioners working for startup telehealth companies like Cerebral and Done Health. Both companies manage patients’ prescriptions for a monthly fee. They control tens of thousands of clients’ ADHD meds online using popular social media platforms to draw new clients. They primarily advertise on Instagram, TikTok, and Google.

Cerebral Health to Discontinue ADHD Meds Online

Cerebral recently announced that they would introduce several safety initiatives following reports that the US Department of Justice is investigating Cerebral for prescribing controlled substances. These initiatives aimed to improve patient care and safety included the discontinuation of telehealth prescriptions for controlled medicines. From May 9, 2022, new patients looking for online Adderall prescriptions will have to look elsewhere as Cerebral Health reviews its policies on prescribed ADHD meds online due to the high potential for abuse. Those patients who already have telemedicine prescriptions will continue to receive their meds. The decision to discontinue ADHD meds online comes after Truepill, Cerebral Health’s preferred pharmacy, said it would no longer supply controlled substances, including online Adderall prescriptions. 

Possible Abuse of Online Adderall Prescriptions

Former Cerebral VP, Matthew Truebe, has sued the company, alleging that Cerebral dismissed him for raising concerns about unethical online prescriptions. According to Truebe, some patients reportedly had registered for more than one account to access additional prescribed ADHD meds online. He also reportedly uncovered more than 2,000 duplicate shipping addresses. He accused Cerebral of advising employees to prescribe stimulants because customer analysis showed higher retention levels for clients who received ADHD meds online. When Truebe opposed the practice, he was told to sign a change to his employment contract, which he refused to do. He was subsequently fired.

Kyle Robertson, a co-founder of Cerebral, has stepped down from the CEO role, effective immediately, amid a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation for its prescribing practices as “possible violations” of the Controlled Substances Act. The changes have sparked many questions. Robertson said board members were trying to make him a scapegoat for the startup’s troubles.

Growth in Telemedicine Prescriptions

While clinicians and clients alike have commended the changes in telehealthcare’s expansion of medical reach into people’s homes without prior access, the growth in online Adderall prescriptions has drawn criticism from pharmacists across the country. Critics claim that the sale of ADHD meds online has made it easier for people to obtain and abuse these addictive medications. 

Authorities are also concerned that the Ryan Haight Act waiver by the Drug Enforcement Agency during the pandemic might lead to a second opioid crisis as companies intent on improving profits pump out stimulants like ADHD meds online. The DEA rules for controlled substance telemedicine prescriptions are expected to expire with the public health emergency on July 15, 2022. The DEA plans, in the future, to develop a unique process of registration for telemedicine prescription of controlled medicines.

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