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Best Keyboard Covers – Top 5 of 2022


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Keyboard covers are a must-have if you’re someone who may spill drinks or food while working. Practically all desktop and laptop keyboards can be covered with a laptop cover, but careful consideration of your options may be warranted to ensure a proper fit. In this article, we will focus on desktop keyboard covers only.

Some keyboard covers are model-specific, meaning they offer a precise fit for your keyboard. They are made of flexible and waterproof silicone, polyurethane plastic, or ThermoPlastic Urethane (TPU) to protect against spills, crumbs, dust, and other potentially damaging elements. Many brands will list the year and size of compatible keyboards, but it is important to check the consistent model numbers listed on the product page to ensure a perfect fit.

If you don’t want to upgrade your keyboard soon, you can go with a universal keyboard cover that will fit various keyboard models. However, before buying, you may want to compare your keyboard layout and model to the picture on the product page that describes the keyboard cover under consideration to ensure the cover has the same design. If you live in the United States, you’ll be in luck when shopping at websites such as Amazon, as advertised keyword covers generally offered are made for keyboards with United States layouts. You may want to carefully look at the shape of the “Enter,” which often will be rectangular.

It can be challenging to discern which products are worth their price with the many available options. Ultimately, trial and error may be the only way to know for sure with a universal keyboard cover.

What are the Reasons to Get a Keyboard Cover?

Even though laptop covers are pretty inexpensive, there are good reasons for purchasing one. Given below are some of the points that might help you get a clear view.

Protection from Minor Spills

Keyboard coverings are not impenetrable. If you spill an entire cup of coffee on your keyboard, a keyboard plastic cover won’t help. They will, however, keep minor spills from soaking through the keyboard’s seams. If you frequently drink or snack while using your laptop, having a keyboard cover could help you avoid a disastrously wet tragedy with your pricey piece of technology.

Increased Durability

Using a keyboard guard will keep your keyboard looking new longer by preventing wear and tear. For example, it can guard against texture wear, which is the tendency of keys over time to wear smooth and shiny, removing the rough surface texture and perhaps even the coloring. They also can protect against delamination, which allows the keyboard’s backlight to shine through.

Reduced Sound of Keyboard Clicks

Keyboard covers act as a sound insulator, muffling a variety of unwanted sounds that keyboards can produce. Of course, this is bad news if you like hearing the crisp clicks of your keyboard. But getting one might be a smart idea if you are worried about disturbing individuals in your vicinity, e.g., you have to work through the night because of your shift work schedule, with a sleeping roommate nearby. They also will prevent others participating in your video calls from hearing you type notes throughout your meeting.

Easy to Clean

While compressed air can blast the debris crevices, a keyboard cover makes cleaning considerably easier. You can remove the keyboard cover, soak it in soapy water, air dry it, and replace it on your keyboard.

Visually Appealing

A keyboard protector might be eye-catching on your keyboard. The majority of covers are available in a variety of styles. Some are colored in gradients, while others have solid colors. Others feature large lettering to assist people with limited eyesight

Best Keyboard Plastic Covers of 2021

BronaGrand 2 Pack Clear Desktop Computer Keyboard

BronaGrand 2 Pack Clear Desktop Computer Keyboard

This keyboard cover is for a PC with 104/107 keys. It is waterproof, dustproof, anti-oil, anti-acid, and anti-static, and it protects your desktop keyboard from spills, dust, and other contaminants. Place over the keyboard and massage into position to install. It is removable and washable  (cleaning does not impact use effectiveness). It keeps your keyboard looking new, and the lovely color can make it more fashionable. It prevents general wear and tear on keyboard keys from everyday use. This keyboard cover consists of high-quality silicone that is long-lasting, healthy, and environmentally friendly. It fits standard 104/107 key keyboards and completely covers all of the keys.

CaseBuy Universal Silicone Keyboard Cover

CaseBuy Universal Silicone Keyboard Cover

If you want a premium-looking keyboard cover, then this might be the right one for you. This keyboard cover consists of soft and flexible premium engineering grade silicone material. The ultra-thin and high-transparency design provides an ultra-comfortable typing experience. It is washable and reusable, can be washed multiple times, and is simple to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting. It keeps dust, food residue, and other contaminants away from your keyboard, providing full protection from all sides.

KeyCover Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover

KeyCover Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover

This keyboard cover has a silicon skin of thickness of 0.12mm/0.005 inch. The keyboard backlight can also be seen through the surface while providing complete protection from water, dust, coffee, pet hair, food, and other pollutants. This keyboard consists of ultra-thin silicone material that can be folded or rubbed, providing a comfortable typing experience. It is anti-dust and waterproof, providing complete protection for your keyboard while keeping it clear and extending its life.

CaseBuy Universal Flat Silicone Keyboard Cover

CaseBuy Universal Flat Silicone Keyboard Cover

This universal clear waterproof keyboard is made of soft and flexible silicone. The sleek and high-transparency design delivers a comfortable typing experience and protects your keyboard completely, preventing wear and tear. Its waterproof and dustproof design makes it an ideal companion for your PC keyboard. It is hygienic and recyclable, and it’s simple to remove for cleaning and sanitizing. Its dimension is 17.52*5.51 (inch) / 44.5*30 (cm). It is spill-resistant, dustproof, and made with high precision.

Viziflex Seels Keyboard Cover

Viziflex Seels Keyboard Cover

With a Viziflex Seels keyboard cover,  there is no need to worry about allergies because these covers are not made of latex. It keeps liquid spills, food, dust, oil/grease, and sand from your keyboard, and protects your keyboard from regular use. With this keyboard cover, you can keep debris off your computer’s surface by simply using a wipe of your choice to clean the keyboard. This keyboard cover is compatible with Logitech K350, MK550, MK350, Y-UV90. It comes with elevated key designs that resemble the keyboard keys, making typing comfortable.

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