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Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors – Top 5 of 2021


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Regardless of how clean your home or office is, indoor air pollution is difficult to escape. Dust, dirt, pollen, cleaning chemicals, and germs are just a few of the particles that can be found both inside and outside of your home. Smoke can also enter your home through doors and windows, depending on where you live. All these conditions can create a less-than-healthy environment for your lungs. Even if you can’t see these particles, you may still experience allergy-like symptoms or more serious health impacts from indoor pollution. These pollutants are often only detectable with an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor.

With an indoor air quality monitor, you will better understand numerous contaminants in and around your home and office. You can also determine which times of the day are better than others, if other people, animals, or other sources of contaminants invade your space. Armed with this information, you will be in a better position to make decisions about your health.

Most IAQ monitors use an indicator light and push alerts to your smartphone or tablet to alert you to dangerous levels. Some indoor air quality sensors also measure outdoor air quality to put your inside readings into context. Measurements are usually presented on the IAQ device’s screen and via a companion app on your smartphone. After being alerted, you can take steps to lessen indoor pollution, such as by opening windows. Some smart appliances, such as an air purifier, a fan, or a dehumidifier, will be triggered by some indoor air quality monitors to help improve interior air quality. Finally, a decent IAQ monitor should give you enough information to examine and eliminate the source of your poor air quality.

To help you keep an eye on the quality of the air you breathe, we’ve compiled a list of the best indoor air quality monitors currently available on the market.

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor of 2021

Airthings Air Control Monitor

To ensure optimum comfort and healthy levels in every space, with the Airthings indoor air quality monitor, you can keep track of chemicals, Total Volatile Air Compounds (VOCs) humidity, and temperature. You can also maintain appropriate indoor humidity levels between 30% to 59 %, as recommended by the  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When pollution levels are too high in your home, the Airthings Wave Mini informs you, allowing you to ventilate appropriately. Cleaning supplies, cooking gases, paints, plastics, toys, and outdoor pollutants are all sources of these toxins.

You have to wave the device in front of the monitor for a visible indicator or connect the Airthings App via Bluetooth for detailed insights into your air. The light ring will flash green (healthy), yellow (warning), or red (danger) depending on your air quality levels when you wave your hand. Pollen data is updated in real-time and is available on your Airthings app. You can also create custom notifications or connect to other smart home apps like Google Assistant and IFTTT (if this, then that).

Zigma Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Zigma has attained Real AI after much study and development. Zigma has come up with exclusive AI self-learning based on varied household conditions to provide you with the best-customized purification strategy for energy efficiency and savings. The built-in high-quality purification system of this air purifier makes breathing simple and safe. The H13 HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter inside works faster to maintain low particulate levels, similar to pets’ hair, removing 99.97% of dust, and pollen. It also absorbs odor, smoke, and other contaminants.

This AIQ monitor is CARB (California Air Resources Board) and ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) certified. It takes only 15 minutes to provide you with a free-breathing zone. It cleans up to 330m3/h CADR (clean air delivery rate). This indoor air quality monitor can clean up to 1580 square feet.

It supports a purifying mode with three levels. With this cleaner, you can maintain a quiet environment in sleep mode (less than 25 dB) to ensure a full night’s sleep without being distracted by annoying noise. It also has a child lock that is available for households with children and pets. It offers more than ten additional functions, including the ability to schedule purification sessions, replace filter reminders, define scenes, share devices with family, and more. It has features like voice control with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant and remote control via Zigma exclusive app.

Qingping Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Qingping Indoor Air Quality Monitor checks for PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, temperature, and humidity to provide a complete picture of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). It gives weather prediction, AQI (Air Quality Index), and UV (Ultraviolet) index data in real-time (a forecast of AQI and UV is not available in the US). You can also see the date, calendar, and time (you need to connect it to the network to access the right time zone).

The product was awarded an iF and a Red Dot design award for its attractive design. With a 1.2GHz 4-core A7 chipset, the product is responsive and sensitive. Thanks to the multi-mode compensating algorithm, the device has top-level sensors, and the measured data is accurate and trustworthy. The vent’s novel design allows for sufficient contact between the air and the sensors, increasing efficiency. The ultra-clear 3.1″ IPS (In-plane switching) touch screen has 328 PPI (Pixels per Inch). The brightness can be automatically adjusted.

Each metric has a color indicator underneath it so you can quickly see the indoor air quality and temperature/humidity level of your room. All operations are smooth and simple, whether you touch the numbers or slide to switch the interfaces. When you link the device to 2.4GHz WiFi (it does not require a hub), you can monitor the five metrics remotely in the Qingping+ app. You can also view or export data from the last 24 hours and 30 days.

The product contains a smart operating system that allows firmware upgrades to add new features and improve performance. Please note 1) the product cannot measure formaldehyde; 2) the initialization of the TVOC may take up to 4 hours the first time; 3) the product is powered by a supplied USB-C charging cable, which can work for up to 4 hours after being fully charged. There is no charger in the packaging, and the power input should be 5V 1A; 4). The fan makes a slight sound as it speeds up air exchange.

UHoo Air Control Monitor

Only UHoo’s air monitor measures temperature, humidity, dust, toxins, NO2, CO2, and other factors to present a complete picture of the air quality in your location. You’ll have the power to know what to do to battle infections indoors, so you can rest easy knowing your air is safe and healthy.

With this monitor, you can get alerts, suggestions, and insights on improving your indoor air quality. All of the information you require is available in a user-friendly layout that everybody in the family can comprehend. For a seamless and integrated approach to a cleaner and healthier air, UHoo connects and interacts with other smart home devices.

Plugin the gadget, connect to your WiFi network and receive real-time data from 9 carefully calibrated sensors via the mobile app. Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT-compatible devices like Nest and Roomba are all compatible with UHoo. With UHoo as the brain in charge of air quality, your smart home can do everything from scheduled cleanings to 24/7 climate management.

CheerGrow Air Control Monitor

This Wi-Fi-enabled indoor air quality monitor accurately measures temperature, humidity, and multiple air quality indicators such as formaldehyde concentrations, total natural, and synthetic volatile organic compounds. These mostly cause odors, and fine particulate dust (PM2.5) travels deep into the respiratory tract. This air quality tester detects organic substances such as formaldehyde, generated by numerous household products which have been linked to nasal and lung cancer.

This monitor can also tell you when it’s time to change your home’s air filter by monitoring particulate pollution. It monitors your air with a thorough air analysis to help you maintain a healthier, fresher living environment.

The Perthings app allows you to share air quality data from anywhere. You can use this portable monitor in your gym, bedroom, kitchen, office, store, and other places. It checks the air quality in your home at any time, or you can leave the device on for continuous monitoring. There’s no need to worry about low battery with the USB power supply mode for continuous detection.

It is simple to watch on a mobile phone’s app at any time and from any location, making it smarter and handier. Big data analysis and real-time cloud calibration can result in more precise detection values. The device can be monitored for up to 24 hours and managed remotely via an app. If the formaldehyde level exceeds, the device’s red light will flash alert, and the app’s icon will flash alarm.

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