Best WIFI Routers

Best WIFI Routers – Top 5 of 2022


When your connectivity lags and buffers during your Internet meetings,  you could be seeing the telltale signs of outdated WIFI routers. When searching for the best WIFI routers of 2021, there are a few things to consider to optimize your purchase.

Keeping your router up-to-date is even more critical if you are working from home, as you probably don’t have technology staff to do this for you. As with other technologies, WIFI router technology has evolved and now offers several options for clear, more robust, and faster internet connections.

In addition to helping to improve the speed of your internet connection, newer routers can allow you to connect several TVs, personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In addition, it can help with the high demands of gaming. With more professionals needing faster service at home due to COVID, getting the best WIFI routers available for your homes is essential. Connectivity is the speed at which your devices are connecting to the Internet. Getting the fastest possible router then is one of the keys to getting better connectivity to your home.

Best WIFI Routers Buying Guide

Several companies produce wireless router brands that offer faster “connectivity” or speed. Let’s look at some factors to help you decide which router is worth buying.

WIFI Routers Band Width

Most routers now come with dual bands – 2.4GHz and 5GHz with the higher number of bands increasing speed. However, a single-band router operating at 2.4GHz could be adequate if you live in a small home. It offers a slower signal speed but can reach further out.

While a 5GHz router provides a stronger and faster signal, it performs best when covering a smaller footage area. This option makes it perfect for high-performance devices such as online game consoles and AR/VR headsets. Choose a dual-band router if you want to cover a large house and connect many devices.

WIFI 6 Technology

In addition to bands, another factor to consider is whether the router uses the latest technology. In 2021, WIFI 6 technology became a new standard in internet connection. Although some dated devices are not compatible, most recent devices use WIFI 6 technology. Wifi 6 offers up to 40% faster speed compared to the previous WIFIsystems. It’s also more efficient because it consumes less power to run your devices.

Wifi Routers Additional Functions

Some wifi routers can act as an additional access point, a repeater, or an extender for internet signals. These functions can boost the primary router’s performance in both speed and range of cover.

Built-in Firewall, Antivirus, and Parental Control

Check if the routers offer built-in firewall and antivirus programs to safeguard wifi users against computer virus attacks. Most of them, but not all, have the function to control user access. This feature is vital in monitoring activities on the Internet. Of course, you can always buy these additional features, but it is excellent if they come in the package.

With the basic idea of looking for the right router, let’s dive into the details of the top five wifi routers of 2021.

So consider wifi 6-enabled routers if you need faster Internet connectivity or foresee increasing the number of devices used.

TP-Link AX3000

TP-Link’s AX3000 router is one of the award-winning devices offering powerful and speedy WIFI 6 signals. Upon unboxing, the first thing you’d notice about this router is its sleek and futuristic design. Then you can easily install the device by downloading the app on your pc and following the step-by-step instructions. The router will be ready to use within minutes.

Professionals upgrading to this router will experience a considerable increase in performance. Its revolutionary beamforming technology ensures forceful and dependable signal coverage to several devices located within a sizable area. You can conduct online meetings, stream 4K movies and videos, and play games simultaneously without lagging or buffering.

This router is the right choice if you’re looking for a value-for-money device operating the next-generation WIFI 6 technology. In addition, the WIFI routers are compatible with Amazon Alexa, which promises convenient voice control over the device. Best of all, you can take it home at an unbeatable price.

Asus RT-AX3000

Nowadays, for $100, you can get a decent router. However, if you could spend a little more, you can get the best WIFI 6 router in its class – the Asus RT-AX3000.

With a futuristic look, its dual-band signals produce a total speed of up to 3,000 Mbps. With this speed, you’d have no problems downloading and uploading files at a lightning pace.

This router might be a bit more pricey than other brands. However, it’s a good buy considering its full features and remarkable performance. Moreover, its WIFI 6 system tunes well with the latest electronic gadgets offering the same technology. Use it with a super-fast internet provider such as Comcast to achieve maximum power. It is worth every penny to upgrade to the Asus RT-AX3000 router.

Google Nest AC2200

Google search engine handles 92.18% of internet searches. Google leverages that search engine dominance by entering the products markets. Besides Android OS, Google also produces physical devices like smartphones and WIFI routers.

Google Nest AC2200 is a mesh WIFI system. A mesh WIFI is a system that can provide a signal to the entire home. It provides a seamless WIFI signal and gets rid of dead zones anywhere in the house. The beauty of this Google mesh WIFI is you can use an additional device at a mesh wifi point to form a more comprehensive coverage.

This router comes with two ethernet ports. You can use the second port to connect to specific AR/VR applications or games consoles. You’ll get a speedier and uninterrupted service by securing a dedicated port for devices with high-power usage.

The small, minimalist design of this router might not impress some people. Without a visible antenna, you may doubt it can perform well. But, everything changes once you switch it on. You’d be surprised it can effortlessly cover two or three floors with powerful signals at all points. As with other electronic devices, less is more appears to be the direction of things to come.

Netgear 4-Stream AX1800

You probably don’t want to spend a lot on a router even though you need speedy connectivity. Netgear 4-Stream AX1800 is the best budget router incorporating the latest WIFI 6 technology. Being Netgear’s star product, you can use it with all internet service providers.

Setting up is a breeze with the use of the Nighthawk app. First, you need to connect the router to a modem, download the app, and wait for the signal to connect to your devices.
Despite its simple design, this router can handle rigorous usage well. A VR fanatic will find it takes robust VR usage like a champion. At the same time, it can hold several other devices like PC, laptops, tablets, TV, smartphones, or even security cameras.

With a price barely exceeding $50, it’s a genuinely worthy WIFI router. Loaded with advanced technology, it can activate Alexa WPA3 protocols, and even set up a guest wifi system.

TP-Link AX1800

It is another TP-link product. Like any other router from the same manufacturer, JD Power Award recognizes its outstanding R&D works. It’s the best wifi router for long-range and produces a decent speed of 1.8 Gbps.

With WIFI 6 powering its engine, you can experience a 40% increase in signal speed than the WIFI 5. In addition, its tri-core CPU enables more simultaneous device connection without compromising service standards.

What distinguishes this router from the rest is its flawless performance at long range. This router is suitable for a large home with many devices. The strength of its signal can easily pass through multiple walls and floors. It can even reach nearby areas outside the house.

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