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Best Video Conferencing Lights with LED Diffusers – Top 5 of 2022


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If you are working online after daylight hours, you may need video lighting with an LED light diffuser to soften your appearance while avoiding damage to your eyes. Whether you use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Meet, Hangout, Skype, or any other video conferencing platform, the blue light created by your computer screen, compounded by additional fluorescent or LED light to illuminate your face, can make you look not only unnatural but in some cases, damage your retinas.

Although the lighting industry is struggling to establish good metrics to characterize the temporal lighting artifacts problem, LED lights can also “flicker,” causing adverse effects such as eye strain, fatigue, headache, migraine, blurred vision, cataracts, blurred vision, itchiness, and redness, as well as photo epilepsy in sensitive individuals. The problem can worsen when powered from an AC outlet using an AC/DC power supply.

Also, LED lights emit light from the short-wave, high-energy blue, and violet end of the visible light spectrum. This light range controls our sleep cycle, and correct exposure is important to maintain our circadian rhythm. The type of light you use then often affects how you are experienced by others (telepresence) and your health.

A good artificial light source replaces natural lighting to create successful, natural-looking meeting telepresence. Today’s video conferencing lights are often made with LED bulbs, which are inexpensive and last much longer than incandescent bulbs. The drawback of LED lighting can be mitigated by getting LED light sources with an attached LED light diffuser. Equipped with the right video conferencing light with an LED diffuser, others can see you clearly and minimize at least some health damage.

How to Use Video Conferencing Lights and LED Light Diffusers

Some of the principles to consider when buying video lighting are listed below:

Lighting on Two Sides

To avoid shadows created by using a single light such as depicted in the above image, a simple but effective video lighting arrangement uses two video conferencing lights behind or parallel to the camera on your computer, both focused on your face. Instead of placing them squarely in front of your face, place them to either side or tilt them in towards you for optimum effect.

Lighting on three sides

This concept is the same as two-point illumination, but a third light is added somewhere behind you. This additional light is utilized in broadcast interview lighting setups to provide a faint halo effect, which helps differentiate you from the background and adds depth and professionalism. If you are working with only a solid-colored wall behind you, adding this third light adds dimensionality to your telepresence, making you look three-dimensional rather than looking flat and two-dimensional.

Professional Lighting

Although you can use any light to improve your video lighting arrangement, specialized video conferencing lights will produce the greatest results. If you conduct many video conferences, you may want to think about investing in specialized video conferencing hardware to get even better outcomes. Amazon has many options that work well and are reasonably priced, including entire lighting kits, including everything you need in one package.

Widening Space

Besides subject lighting, you can experiment with various accent lighting in your background to make your entire home studio more aesthetically intriguing or appealing. For example, lighting a wall hanging can add a warm and friendly glow to your background when adequately adjusted to minimize glare or hotspots.

LED Light Diffuser

Most video conferencing lights use LED bulbs. In the field known as optics, a glare diffuser (also called a light diffuser or optical diffuser) is a material that diffuses or scatters light to transmit light free of the hard edges created by shadows and removes hot spots to create soft light. A shadow is created when the light illuminates only one side of a face, for example, and not the other. The line between light and dark is the edge of the shadow.

If you wear glasses and have a hard light in front of your face, the light will create white spots in your glasses, making it impossible for your viewer to see your eyes. That white spot, otherwise known as “hotspot,” can distract the viewer, whose brain will automatically work to connect with your eyes.

A glare diffuser will soften the hardness of the light, reduce glare and make you appear more natural as a human being. Some glare diffusers also come with colored filters to add more warmth to your skin tone if needed. has sifted through many possibilities to identify the best video conferencing light options. We have chosen four diffuser lights for you to consider. Most of the lights below are designed for laptops, but some can also be used with desktop computers.

Video Conferencing Lights with LED Diffusers — Best 5 of 2021

Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kit

Lume Cube Broadcast Lighting Kit

This video lighting has a built-in frosted lens with an additional white diffuser to give you the flexibility to soften your light and enhance your professional glow. It is lightweight and extends and retracts to allow for easy portability and maximum adjustability. It also allows you to control your lighting from 1% – 100% brightness to get the perfect custom lighting for your setup.

Adjust mood-altering color temperature from a warm (orange) light to a cool (white) light to complement your skin tones and match your work environment. Use the included suction cup computer mount with laptops, desktops, or any flat surface for ultimate portability! Get the perfect lighting for video recording at your desk or on the go.

This lighting is must-have for your work-from-home accessories or your professional travel. Unlike many brands, the Lume Cube allows adjusting the light from 12″ to 30.” Set it up on your desk floor, or use the suction computer mount. The built-in extended battery provides hours of illumination. For extended broadcasting, you can plug the zoom light into your computer’s USB port and run indefinitely off of external power!

Pixel Diffuser Light

Pixel Diffuser Light

This video light includes a color temperature range of 2500k (warm) to 8500k (white) and a brightness range of 0 % to 100%, allowing you to generate various effects depending on your needs. The laptop illumination has used the most recent improved sticky suction cup, which can remain in its original position until you need it for another item, making it sturdy and powerful. Furthermore, the suction cup may be washed and reused for extended periods.

A gentle diffuser is included with the webcam lighting to protect your eyes from harsh light. The type-C connection allows for convenient charging anywhere, and you can also use it while charging, so there’s no need to worry about running out of power when using it.

Tablets, laptops, PCs, cameras, and tripods are all compatible with it. Pixel products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee or a free replacement, as well as a 12-month warranty.

Pixel GOs Zoom Light

Pixel GOs Zoom Light

You can adjust GOs from warm orange to cold white light and brightness from 0% to 100%, making it ideal for video recording. The GOs for video conference illumination weighs only 2.8oz and are useful for commuters who don’t have much space to carry extra lighting equipment. Strong aluminum alloy makes the light durable and portable. GOs can also be used as an on-camera video light, making them useful for both professionals and amateurs.

The GOs video conferencing light has a built-in frosted lens and a white diffuser to soften the light and prevent eye irritation. With a battery life of 10 hours or more, it’s ideal for on-the-go video calls and remote work. The desk light for video conferencing has a fully adjustable stand from 5″ to 16″, ensuring that the lighting perfectly casts on your face. Even while you’re on the road, the tripod’s weight is so light that it’s barely noticeable.

The video call light’s color temperature spans from 3200k to 5600k. With a wide range of color temperatures and brightness levels, it is great, not just for meetings, but also for selfies, vlogging, makeup, and photography, among other things. The organic OLCD (OLCD) screen allows you to make quick adjustments for immediate usage, from brightness to color temperature, remaining run time, and battery life. The light, made of aluminum alloy, is long-lasting and ideal for outdoor use. The tripod has a telescoping leg. The lighting set takes up very little room in your bag and adds no additional weight to you.

Nexmee Diffuser Light

Nexmee Diffuser Light

NEXMEE Video Conference Lighting has 3 Light Modes (2700k-6600k) and ten brightness levels that allow you to adjust the most appropriate environment making you look confident and professional. There are no glares or shadows, making it ideal for video conferencing, live streaming, and zoom calls, as well as online classes. Nexmee zoom lighting for computers uses patented technology – an optical lens solution that protects your eyes from strong light without soft diffusers, avoiding eye strain and headaches caused by bright light. A strong magnetic clip allows you to install in seconds, avoiding the hassle of suction cup failure.

The clip is made as small as possible while stable, and a silicone pad is there to prevent your laptop screen from being crushed. The light for video conferencing has USB-c universal charging and a built-in battery that can provide up to 14 hours of soft light without linking the charging cable. You can also use it while charging. With just one click, you can have perfect light and look your best instantly.

Humancentric Diffuser Light

Humancentric Diffuser Light

You can adjust the brightness and color temperature (warm to cold) of the Humancentric Diffuser Light to get the best illumination for your environment and skin tone. It enhances the lighting on your computer for video conferencing, Zoom conversations, streaming video, online classes, and self broadcasting. The low-profile LED single light kit can be used as a laptop camera light or video monitor lighting. You can improve your Zoom call lighting with a low-profile LED light powered by your computer’s USB-C connector.

The large light panel is mounted on a webcam-style stand that is simple to assemble and disassemble. Because it is for stationary use, there are no unreliable suction cups or potentially damaging adhesive or clips. The included diffuser creates a soft light for a more natural shine and appearance. You will also get cable clamps and velcro straps in the single and double kits for cable management. This lighting does not include a battery or a power adapter.

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