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Best Smart Thermometers – Top 2 of 2022


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Medical professionals, as well as consumers, have used thermometers for decades to assess a wide range of essential health functions. Many other decisions are based on thermometers, including considering hospitalization for COVID and other infections. Most recently, digitized, contactless smart thermometers are used to screen for COVID infections in many public buildings before allowing entry.

A new generation of smart thermometers is now available with connected technology, offering a host of improved and connected services to use with telehealth. Smart thermometers sync with smartphones to improve the ability to store prior temperatures for different family members on a companion smart thermometer app. When choosing smart thermometers, it is wise to look at their list of features to be sure that it is simple to use and offers accurate readings.

How to Choose the Best Smart Thermometer?

Choosing a smart thermometer is a matter of personal preference and individual needs. You may want to consider the following criteria for making the optimal choice to match your needs:


When considering the actual use of your smart thermometer, it is wise to search for one that is designed to be simple and intuitive. The last thing you need when sick is to fuss with a poorly designed thermometer that adds to your distress. Basic functions should make sense and not require referencing a user manual that may be long gone. After all, analog (traditional) thermometers are some of the simplest medical equipment ever developed. If you cannot learn how to use and store your smart device without confusion, pack it up and send it back.


When you have a fever, your smart thermometer should give you a quick and easy reading. There is rarely the need to wait a minute or more for the result to appear in digitized equipment.


To read your smart thermometer, the digits should be big and well illuminated. You shouldn’t be forced to use a flashlight or strain to see the numbers.


The capacity to deliver accurate readings is a critical consideration when selecting a smart thermometer. An inaccurate thermometer can be dangerous. The accuracy of health devices is usually regulated in the United States by the Federal Drug Administration. Rigorous FDA qualifying criteria and a formal approval process that can require years will assure that your purchase will give you the correct readings.


Mercury glass thermometers have a history of breaking and causing bodily harm. The thermometer you purchase should be durable, shatterproof, and ideally come with a plastic casing to keep it safe when not in use.
When making your decision for a smart thermometer, you will note that the same manufacturer has made both of the ones selected below, and only one of those two has FDA approval.

2 Best Smart Thermometers of 2021

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa QuickCare smart digital thermometer is suitable for all life stages, including babies. In 8 seconds or less, this smart thermometer provides you with rapid, professional-grade temperature readings. You can use Kinsa QuickCare orally, rectally, or under the arm, thanks to its flexible comfort tip. Parents and caregivers will appreciate this smart thermometer’s Bubble game and Sesame Street mode to keep fidgety children still during readings.
You can use the Kinsa QuickCare thermometer with or without the Kinsa smartphone app. When using the app, Bluetooth connects it to your smartphone. This mode also provides basic consumer information, such as how to relieve some basic symptoms. Of course, final decisions about healthcare must always rely on the user’s discretion.
The Kinsa also allows you to keep track of each family member’s temperature, symptoms, and prescriptions. You can keep track of when symptoms first appeared and when it’s time to take more medication. This device can also function as telehealth peripheral in that you can give your medical professional access to your smart thermometer data, or share it with a caregiver, including a family member or friend. You also can access your medical history from any device.

Kinsa QuickScan Non-Contact Smart Forehead Thermometer

Kinsa QuickScan Non-Contact Smart Forehead Thermometer

Also made by Kinsa, the QuickScan isn’t your typical forehead thermometer. It can quickly take non-contact temperature readings. The one-button click forehead thermometer provides quick and precise temperature readings.
The QuickScan connects through Bluetooth to your smartphone. It is FDA-approved for safety and accuracy and doctor-recommended for children and adults of all ages. Using the HealthWeather map powered by over 2 million Kinsa smart thermometers, you can learn about sickness trends in your region and keep your loved ones safe. Within the Kinsa app, you can assign personalized profiles, receive prescription reminders and recommendations.
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