Best Ergonomic Office Chair – Top 5 of 2022


The average workweek spans about 40 hours. More often than not, you may find yourself spending most of this time at your desk. Therefore, using an ergonomic office chair to reduce strain on your back and neck is important. The extensive adjustability of ergonomic chairs enables people to achieve a more custom fit and encourages proper posture. This may also lead to greater productivity. An ergonomic chair can significantly alter the experience of your workspace. Below, we have listed the best ergonomic chairs to buy in 2021 to facilitate your browsing for a chair that meets your requirements.

Buying an Ergonomic Office Chair

Mid-Back or High-Back

In a mid-back chair, the height of the chair is slightly lower than your shoulders. It offers a proper backrest but is not accompanied by a headrest. The primary purpose of a mid-back chair is to provide the required support to your back and shoulders. These chairs ensure a better fit in tighter spaces and are convenient for workstations that are meant for shorter sitting time periods. Since less material is used to construct these chairs, they are less expensive than high-back chairs. If you require more mobility, then a mid-back chair is a better option.

On the other hand, a high back chair has a taller backrest that also supports your neck. It comes equipped with a headrest and hence, is more comfortable for many people. A high-back chair is more noticeable due to its size. It usually offers a greater variety of adjustments that ensure comfort for longer seated periods. While high-back chairs tend to be more expensive than mid-back chairs, their customizability and comfort can often make it a better option for some professionals.


Leather office chairs are characterized by style and comfort. The seat, backrest, and armrest are made from leather while the frame and feet are made with either metal or heavy-duty plastic. While leather chairs are relatively expensive, they are durable. Leather chairs can be cleaned easily with a cloth and soap as they do not absorb liquid. They often therefore can be sterilized to a greater extent than chairs made of fabric.

Compared to leather chairs, fabric chairs tends to be more comfortable and less expensive. However, they require more maintenance as they can get stained easily. A mesh office chair is a more common type of fabric chair. It allows ventilation through the strands of fabric that also make it more breathable. Their minimalist design makes them lightweight and easy to move as well. With a low price tag and compact design, mesh chairs can are a frequent choice for many professionals.

Adjustability, Tilting, and Reclining

Keeping the body in a neutral position is essential when working for long periods of time. That is why most ergonomic office chairs allow you to adjust different parts of the chair. While each chair offers its own range of adjustability, some of the more common features include reclining, chair tilt, and height adjustment.

Tilting enables the user to rock or recline backward to a set limit defined by the chair manufacturer. It also comes with a tilt lock feature that allows you to keep the backrest in a free-floating position or locked into a more firm selected position, which also serves as a reclining feature. This transfers some of the upper body weight to the backrest of the chair. Most office chairs offer the height adjustment function, which allows you to raise or lower the height of the seat. This allows you to adjust the chair so your feet can rest properly on the floor while your upper body is aligned with the desk. Some seats allow you to raise or lower the backrest relative to the seat itself. This provides you with more focused lower and mid-back support.

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs of 2021

Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Our choice for the Best Ergonomic office chair of 2021 is the mid-back Steelcase Gesture chair. It is constructed from several different types of durable material and features several customization options to offer a more personalized experience. The one linked in this review article has a seat height adjustment that can go from 16” to 21”, making it quite easy to find that perfect height. The height, width, depth, and angle of the armrests are also adjustable. You can use a lever to slide your seat forwards or backward and adjust the seat pan’s depth. There are also four different tilt-limiting options to choose from.

Overall, the Steelcase Gesture is a well-built chair that comes with a 12-year warranty. With its wide array of finishes and price points and adjustability options, it can cater to the requirements of most users. Thus, If you are looking for an office chair with premium comfort, the Steelcase selection can be a worthwhile investment.

Best Office Chair with Headrest

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The Gabrylly Mesh Office chair with headrest boasts many innovative features that make it a suitable option for office spaces. The mesh back and seat keep the user comfortable with constant ventilation.

The Gabrylly features an adjustable flip-up armrest. This allows you to tuck the chair under a table easily. The recline function also allows you to tilt the backrest between 90 degrees to 120 degrees. The Gabrylly high-back chair has a curved backrest which helps maintain proper back and shoulder posture. The backrest and the arms provide supporting points to maintain an ergonomic posture. It is also easy to assemble. If you’re looking for a compact chair that can fit in a small workspace, this chair would be a great option.

Best Mid-Back Office Chair

HON Ignition 2.0

The HON Ignition 2.0 is our choice for the best mid-back office chair. It is engineered to support many work styles and body types with various customization and adjustability options. The Ignition 2.0 has an alloy steel frame. The back uses a 4-way Ilira-stretch mesh that is softer and uses your weight to stretch for a more personal fit. The wide and well-padded arms and the cushioning on the seat provide ample support for the spine and back.

The Ignition 2.0 comes with a variety of different adjustability features. It has seat height adjustment as well as a seat slider to accommodate users with different heights. Similarly, there are options for adjusting the height of the backrest. The tilt lock function allows you to lock the back in multiple positions or set it to recline freely. You can also adjust the arms to maintain an ergonomic posture. The HON Ignition 2.0 has a base made from high-quality resin. The seat features double-layer padding for maximum comfort. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty. It is an affordable option for those looking for a modern design and exceptional comfort.

Best Mesh Office Chair

Modway EEI-757-BLK Articulate

The Modway EEI-757-BLK articulate also makes our list for the Best Mesh Office chair. It features a breathable mesh back along with lumbar support. The seat is constructed from 6” mesh and is generously padded for comfort. It is available in six different colors. Compared to other chairs on the list, the Modway Articulate does not offer a broad range of ergonomic features. The adjustable armrests on the can only be moved up or down. The back has a height adjustment range from 19 to 24 inches. The Modway also offers a 360-degree swivel and a basic tilt and lock system. The integrated lumbar support is non-adjustable.

Although Modway lacks the range of adjustability compared to other chairs, it offers great comfort and value at an economical price, making it a suitable choice for everyday use.

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

The Hbada office task desk chair is a budget chair with a sleek and compact design. It features a stylish design and is available in a combination of black and white colors.

The back of the chair is made from mesh which promotes airflow and keeps you cool. There is adequate padding on the seat cushion as well. The flip-up arms compliment the compact design of the chair. The backrest follows a curve that helps reduce tension on the spine and lower back. In terms of adjustability, the Hbada offers a 120 degree tilt tension option. The seat height can be adjusted between 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches. (Compare this to the Steelcase Gesture chair described above, which has a range between 16 to 21 inches.) The Hbada is a lightweight and portable chair that is built to last.

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