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Best Air Quality Monitors – Top 5 of 2022


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With declining air quality across the globe, many people are experiencing adverse health consequences. Air quality monitors that operate easily and quietly to give accurate air quality metrics are helpful. Affordability is also an issue of interest to buyers.

Air quality monitors come with multiple options, so choosing the correct monitor can be challenging. provides you with a detailed buying guide and a list of the 5 best air quality monitors that we have found to simplify your decision-making.

Things to Consider When Choosing An Indoor Air Quality Monitor 

When considering which will be the best air quality monitor for your needs, these factors may be worth keeping in mind: 


Your monitor should be equipped with maximally sensitive sensors to accurately detect the presence of harmful elements such as CO gas or particulate matter or particle pollution (PM) in the air that you breathe.

Screen size

The larger the screen size on the device, the easier it will be to read the metrics. Screens should also use contrasting colors for metrics to be more easily read. If icons for different functions are included on the screen, they should make intuitive sense and not leave you guessing at their meaning.


As with most other devices, long battery life is important to maximize the utility of the device you purchase.


Although it’s not mandatory, devices connected to the internet offer more options for you to monitor your house’s air quality from anywhere you happen to be. 

Not only that, but internet connectivity also gives you more control over the device. You may also want to see if a device is compatible with assistants like Alexa or Google if these added features are of interest to you,

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors – Top 5 of 2022

  1. Langkou – Wall Mounted Air Quality Monitor
  2. Qingping – Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  3. Airthings – Airthings 2930 Wave Plus – Radon & Air Quality Monitor
  4. Simbow – Air Quality Monitor for CO2
  5. Langkou – 3-in-1 Air Pollution & Carbon Dioxide Detector

Langkou – Wall Mounted Air Quality Monitor

Air Quality Monitor, Wall-Mounted Air Quality Detector for Real-Time Testing

Following are the prominent features of this air quality monitor:

  •  Instantaneous monitoring.
  •  3.5-inch display with CO2, PM particles, temperature, and humidity information.
  • It comes with an alarm (that goes off when the CO2 level rises to 5000 PPM).
  • It can be used for multiple days without recharging.
  • Compatible with a regular 5V/1A adapter.

Brand Overview

Langkou is a respected brand with a history in creating technology for everyday life. The company has a history of successfully developing innovative products to make life easier for the average consumer. Although it started offline, the company’s strong internet presence makes it a digital leader offering a variety of products, impressive sales, and outstanding customer support.


Wall Mounted air quality monitor detects toxic levels of CO2 and harmful gas leakages. More importantly, results are displayed in real-time, offering instantaneous readings. For example, if you open a window to get fresh air, the device will immediately inform you of CO2 or excess humidity. The monitor is also wall-mounted for easy viewing.


  • Instantly detects harmful levels of CO2 and gas leakages. 
  • Covers multiple parameters, so the best of health is ensured.
  • Monitors the air quality as soon as the air enters its vicinity.
  • Has an impressive 5-star rating.


  • Air vents are reportedly too near to the wall.

User Reviews

Reviews reflect the unit’s efficiency and precision.

Qingping – Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Qingping Air Monitor, Indoor Air Quality Meter

The salient features of this monitor are:

  • Shows data of past days with date, time, and calendar.
  • Equipped with sensitive sensors.
  • Large screen with 328 pixels per inch.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.

Brand Overview

Qingping brand is a customer favorite. The company has a worldwide presence and provides quality service with relatively few customer complaints.


This device provides readings for CO2 concentration, humidity, Volatile organic compounds (VOC), PM particles, and weather forecasts. The device has an appealing appearance for people who seek high-end tech. The chipset is the efficient 4-core A7 working on 1.2 GHz, making the device fast, accurate, and reliable.

The sensors are sensitive and can detect minor changes. You can even monitor the air quality of your home while being seas away via your phone. Also, the interface is easy-to-read. A touch screen takes this product to a whole new level of operating ease.


  • Equipped with advanced technology.
  • Comes with a 3.1-inch large screen with an interactive touch.
  • Has sensitive sensors that give precise results.
  • Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with the Qingping app
  • Covers five crucial parameters.


  • Being a desktop, it can tip and get damaged.
  • The user manual is written in Chinese.

User Reviews

Most users have found it a valuable investment. The device’s Wi-Fi compatibility feature is appealing to many users.

Airthings – 2930 Wave Plus – Radon & Air Quality Monitor

Airthings 2930 Wave Plus – Radon & Air Quality Monitor

The prominent features of this air quality monitor are:

  • Provides reliable RADON results daily.
  • Covers SIX indicators of environmental air quality.
  • Can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth or the internet.
  • The Airthings app that comes along shows daily pollen levels in the locality.
  • Works well with other home assistants like Alexa, etc.

Brand Overview

Airthings believes that air quality detectors and RADON sensors are necessary for today’s living, particularly for people who live in cities, where air pollution is common. The brand also has an excellent reputation for its humane testing approaches.


The most distinguishing feature of this air quality monitor is its RADON level detection, which is often lacking in its competitors. The WIFI compatibility of this device with other home assistants like Google and Alexa makes it potentially more convenient.

This Airthings monitor detects and shows you data on pollen levels in your locality, contrary to other monitors that only look for CO2 and humidity levels. This feature has reportedly helped many people allergic to pollen. This air quality monitor doesn’t need high-end battery support or plugins. Just insert 2 A2-size battery cells!


  • It gives information about pollen levels.
  • It is low maintenance.
  • The results are also viewable on your phone.
  • It can pair up with your home assistants like Alexa and Google.


  • The alarm’s speakers aren’t loud enough.

User Reviews

One user has claimed that the RADON system isn’t correct and accurate. However, others find the detectors in this device relatively comprehensive and seem to be happy with the purchase.

Simbow – Air Quality Monitor for CO2

CO2 Monitor, Indoor Air Quality Monitor for CO2

The highlighted features of the device are:

  • Sensors are highly accurate and responsive.
  • With every second, 3 new readings are displayed.
  • Can be calibrated automatically as well as manually.
  • Gives a color-coded indication of overall air quality.
  • The battery is large and can power the device for 6 hours.

Brand Overview

Simbow is yet another company that has increased its worth significantly via the new devices they release in the industry. Apart from air quality monitors, the company also manufactures several other items, including their anti-theft laptop backpacks, HVAC tools, etc.


Its smart CO2 sensor can help you detect the atmospheric CO2 substance in the living room, kitchen, guest room, office, classroom, vehicle, restaurant, transport, campers, etc.

The NDIR CO2 sensor has an easy-to-use calibration feature. For a full 200 seconds of automated calibration, hold down the AB back button. Once released, the data will revert to the original preset value. Before using the sensor for the first time or after a lengthy storage period, please ensure it is placed in a well-ventilated area. A minimum of six hours is required.

This particular model has the primary purpose of detecting any possible alarming level of CO2 in the environment. It also features a considerable number of environmental indicators like VOCs, temperature, humidity, etc. Further, this air quality monitor is visually appealing.


  • Offers excellent precision and accuracy.
  • Easily portable and looks good wherever you place it.
  • Comes with a 3.9-inch large display.


  • Only for indoor use.

User Reviews

Purchasers of this product have given it positive reviews. Some mentioned a lag in the screen (which may be a glitch in a particular batch). Most customers rave about the product.

Langkou – 3-in-1 Air Pollution & Carbon Dioxide Detector

Air Quality Monitor, 3-in-1 Air Pollution Carbon Dioxide Detector

Notable features of this product:

  • Gives a clear visual indication of overall air quality.
  • Covers numerous parameters and assesses them individually.

Brand Overview

As discussed earlier, Langkou is a well-known company with a strong history of success. Both of Langkou’s air quality monitors have made it to our list.

The company offers value for money and delivers what it promises. It has a wide range of air quality monitors, each with distinct features. To find out what this 3-in-1 pollution detector has in store for you, scroll down.


Easy to set up and use, this device is intuitive and easy to understand. Although the symbols on its screen inform you of problems with your ambient air, its alert warning makes it evident when steps need to be taken to reduce CO2 concentrations.

Since it comes with a 1000mAH battery, it lasts quite a long time without being charged. A USB cable allows easy charging when needed.


  • Long-lasting battery.
  • It is easy to use and set up.
  • It reports air quality using emoticons and figures.


  • Distortion in the visual display when seen from afar.

User Reviews

Many users have found the alarm system to be the best in the league. The large display is good, but users are not so happy about the distorted vision when looking from afar.


When looking for an indoor air quality monitor to meet your needs, consider the features and brands above to make an optimal choice. See’s previous article Best Indoor Air Quality Monitor – Top 5 of 2021 for more options.

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