2020 Holiday letter

TBHI 2020 Holiday Letter and Community Wishes


Dear TBHI Community Member,

Certainly, 2020 has been a year unlike any other. We have faced a worldwide pandemic that has changed our lives and work in previously unimagined ways. There is no doubt that it has been a year of loss, lost opportunities, and compounded crises. We take note of them with sadness, reflection, and a renewed sense of appreciation toward each other.

And, yet, there is joy. Across the world, especially for those of us in the telehealth community, more healthcare professionals are learning new ways to serve remotely, innovating their practices, and delighting in how well many clients and patients are responding. Clinicians are also enjoying more digital communication with family and friends, shopping, and playing online. With this shift, we’ve all witnessed unexpected resilience, untapped creativity, and exciting new potentials. These are things for which we are thankful as we write this 2020 holiday letter. And at the Telebehavioral Health Institute, we are most thankful for you.

Thank you for trusting your telehealth training, consulting, and practice development to us. Even though we slashed all pricing to 50% for several months to assist our colleagues worldwide with telehealth training, and again this holiday season, we have grown by 120% and earned enough to bring you a new website along with many new live, interactive training programs and other exciting digital services for 2021.

Thank you for powering through this unprecedented time in your own ways, and for bringing your healing spirit to our world. Thank you for continuing the fight into 2021, where we will stand with you, side-by-side, as we plan for a future where telehealth will be available to all those who can benefit, never again relegated to “the future.”

As it was with the intense controversy about antibiotic adoption in the 1930s, may the previous controversy about telehealth adoption subside. May responsibly-delivered telehealth become a part of everyday practice, as a tool to better serve those in need, carefully taught at the university, post-graduate, and medical school levels. May telehealth be considered when delivering all treatment protocols — not as new treatments, but rather, as an empowering vehicle to deliver aspects of client and patient care improved by remote service delivery. May professionals worldwide accept that, for the majority of people who need our services, we can truly “deliver” safe and reliable care via a carefully-chosen and understood technology, rather than making our services conditional on the client’s or patient’s ability to come to us. May those who develop best-practice protocols take the time to develop telehealth applications for those protocols. May all treatments then, be revisited from the perspective of published telehealth competencies to find new, safe, and reliable applications for all clients and patients, wherever they can be reached. As we experience this holiday season, we share these wishes, and we thank those of you who share them with us. We especially thank those of you who have supported us as we approach the end of our third decade of bringing this ever-evolving message to the professional community.

We want to take this special moment as we write this 2020 holiday letter to toast you, and the light that you bring into this world. We celebrate you and your courage to shine your light to guide those in need. We send our best wishes to you, your families, your employees, and your clients and patients. May you stay safe, healthy, and optimistic for the New Year ahead of us.

And, as ever, we’re here to help.

Happiest of Holidays.

Onward to 2021!

Marlene M Maheu, PhD
Founder and Executive Director
Telebehavioral Health Institute

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